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Full text of "Divine songs, extracted from Mr. J. Hart's hymns, and set to musick in three and four parts"

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^J^: Suitable to be fung in Churches immediately " before or after J)ivir>e *Worihip 

[Hv PRAISE ye the LORD. SING unto the LORD a new Song, and his Praife in the Congregation of Saints, psalm cjlix. ; -% 

PRINTED, fcjpojrrapijicafl?, at BOSTON, 


»y ionirvjri x 1 1 w i\ o ajmu \^ w iyx jt n. n x , Sjji^f* 
|>Cl.* And Sold at their bookstore, No. ^aftwiykY ■Sj-'kedt. Sold '^lfgl ,a$'faid'THOMAS's bookstore in Worcester. 

|||;^^^^^^ ^. .... .. 


Gentlemen and Ladies y 

I HERE prefent you with a few pieces of Mufick y published on a new plan ; 
having printed the Hymns at full length, and endeavoured to fuit the Airs to 
the Wordsy flattering myfelf that this method would be more entertaining to you 
than if I had fet them to one verfe only : But how far I have fucceeded, I mufl 
leave to your candour to determine. 

You will find the Metres moftly of the particular kind, and fome of them very 
fingular ; therefore you muft expect to find fomething in the tunes very odd, to 
fuit the words. 



Those tunes which are fet in the quick moods of time, are not to be performed 
fatter than the words can be pronounced with propriety ; and then I prefumeyou 
will fee the beauty of accents. 

If I fhould have the happinefs to find that this work meets with your approba- 
tion, you may expect to hear again from, 

Gentlemen and Ladies, 

Your moft obedient humble Servant, 


Northborough) March % 1789. 

D I V I N * E S O ,N G* S, 


From Mr. J. H A R T's H Y M N S, 



<&tt\)ttmmt. Hymn 56, Part II. 

-as — a"-!-* 2 

Great High Prieft, we view thee {looping, With our names up — on thy breaft, In the gar-tien, groaning, drooping, 





p- — p 

To the ground with horrours preft. Weep-ing an— gels flood con-found-ed, To be— hold their Mak— er thus ; And 

can we re-main un-wound-ed, When we know 'twas all for us ? When we know 'twas all for us ? 


2 On the crofs thy body broken 

Cancels ev'ry penal tie. 
Tempted fouls, produce this token 

All demands to fatisfy, 
All is finim'd j do not doubt it, 

But believe your dying Lord : 
Never reafon more about it j 

Only take him at his word. 

Hymn Continued. 7 

3 Lord, we fain would truft thee folely ; 

'Twas for us thy blood was fpilt. 
Praifed Bridegroom, take us wholly ; 

Take and make us what thou wilt. 
Thou haft borne the bitter fentence 

Pafs'd on man's devoted race : 
True belief and true repentance 

Are thy gifts, thou God of Grace. 

Hymn Continued, 


Jt Not all thedelufions oflin 

Shall ever feduce him to death : 
He now has the witnefs within, 

United to Jefus by faith* 
This faith fhall eternally fail 

When Jefus (hall fall from his throne : 
For hell againft both muft prevail, 

Since Jefus and he are but one. 

3 The faith that unites to the Lamb, 

And brings fuch falvation as this, 
Js more than mere notion or name ; 

Th« work of God's Spirit it is j 
A principle a&ive and young, 

That lives under preffure and load ; 
That makes one of weaknefs more ftrong, 

And draws the foul upward to God. 

4 It treads on the world and on hell ; 

It vanquimes death and defpair : 
And (what is ftill ftranger to tell) 

It overcomes heaven by prayer ; 
Permits a vile worm of the duft 

With God to commune as a friend } 
To hope his forgivenefs as juft ; 

And look for his love to the end. 

5 It fays to the mountains, depart, 

That ftand betwixt God and the foul . 
It binds up the broken in heart, 

And makes their fore confciences whole , 
Bids fins of a crimfon like die, 

Be fpotlefs as fnow and as white j 
And makes fuch a finner as I 

As pure as an angel ofJSgfft, 

io 3H)e Saint's 3htf)mtance, Hymn 68. 

3 True 'twas thine from everlafting j 

But the blife 
Of it is 
Known to thee by tafting. 

4 Though thou here receive but litt!^ 

Scarce enough 
For the proof 
©f thy proper title. 

5 Urge thy claim through all unfitnefis, 

Sue it out 
Spurning doubt 
Th' Holy Ghoft's thy witnefs. 

mn Continued 


6 Cite the will of his own fealing ; 

Title good, 
Sign'd with blood, 
Valid and unfailing. 

7 When thy title thou difcernefl ; 

Humbly then 
Sue again 
For continual earnefL 


Ut&tlfOttK Hymn 34, Supplement* 


Up - rifing from the darkfome tomb, See the vic«to— r'ous Jefus come ! Th^almighty pris'ner qtiitsthe pris'n, 


And an— gels tell, the Lord is ris'n. An— gels, an-gels, an— gels, an-gels, an— gels tell, the Lord is ris'n. 

a Ye 

2 Ye guilty fouls that groan and grieve, 
Hear the glad tidings ; hear and live. 
God's righteous law is fatisfy'd : 
And juftice now is on your fide. 

juftice, juftice, juftice, juftice, juftice now is on your fide. 

3 Your furety thus releas'd by God, 
Pleads the rich ranfom of his blood. 

Hymn Continued. 13 

No new demand, no bar remains j 
But mercy now triumphant reigns. 
Mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy now triumphant reigns* 

4 Believers hail your rifing Head, 
The firft begotten from the dead. 
Your refurreclion's fure, thro' His, 
To endlefs life and boundlefs blifs. 
Endlefs, endlefs, endlefs, endlefs, endlefs life and boundlefs blifs, 

a The fear of the Lord 

Preferves us from death; 
Enforces his word ; 

Enlivens our faith. 
It regulates palfion, 

And helps us to quell 
The dread of damnation 

And terrors of hell. 

3 The fear of the Lord 

Is foundnefs and health; 
A treafure well ftor'd 

With heav'hly wealth ; 
A fence againft evil, 

By which we refill 
World, flelh, and the devil; 

And imitate Chrift. 

Hymn Continued, 

4 The fear of the Lord 

Is clean and approv'd ; 
Makes Satan abhor'd, 

And Jefus belov'd. 
It conquers by weaknef3 ; 

Is proof againft ftrife ; 

A cordial in ficknefc \ *. 

• • • 

A fountain of life. ' • 


5 The fear of the Lord 

Is lowly and meek ; 
The happy reward 

Of all that him feek : 
They only that fear him 

The truth can difcern ; 
For living fo near him 

His fecrets they learn. 

6 The fear of the Lord 

His mercy makes dear, 
His judgments ador'd, 

His righteoufnefs clear. 
Without its frefh flavour 

In knowledge there's fault, 
In doctrines no favour, 

In duties no fait. 

7 The fear of the Lord 

Confirms a good hope : 
By this are reftor'd 
The fenfes that droop. 

Hymn Continued. 

The deeper it reaches, 
The more the foul thrives, 

It gives what it teaches, 
And guards what it gives. 

8 The fear of the Lord 

Forbids us to yield : 
It fharpens our fword, 

And ftrengthens our miejd: 
Then cry we to Heaven, 

With one loud accord, 
That to us be given 

The fear of the Lord. 

2D00mS> *Daj>* ^ ^ H^mn 52, Supplement. 17 

Be - - hold with aw — ful pomp, The Judge pre - pares to come. :S: 

TV Arch- 

Th* Archa-- - gel founds the 

~f=-f*-; —e 1 — |— - 


Th' Arch-an - - gel l'ounos the dread — ful 
•S- -» 

-f—f—\ i 

Th' Arch--an - - gel fjunds the dreac — f^l trump, And, &c 

1 :S: * 

an gel founds the dread — ful 

dread--ful trump, And, &e 

trump, And wakes the gen - - - 'ral i doom. 

And, &c. j ;S: z 

* ciump, And, &c 

And, &c. 

2 Nature ■ 

2 Nature in wild amaze, 
Her diflblution mourns : 

Blufhes of blood the moon deface 5. 
The fun to darknefs turns. 

3 The living look with dread ; 
The frighted dead arife, 

Start from the monumental bed, 
And lift their ghaftly eyes. 

4. Horrors all hearts appall ; 

They quake ; they fhriek ; they cry ; 
-Bid rocks and mountains on them fall - : 

But rocks and mountains fly. 

5 Ye wilful wanton fools, 
Let danger make you wife. 

Hymn Continued. 

Carnal profeffors, carelefs fouls, 
Unclofe your lazy eyes. 

6 'Tis time we all awake ; 
The dreadful day draws near. 

Sinners, your proud prefumption check, 
And flop your wild career. 

7 Now is th' accepted time : 
To Chrift for mercy fly. 

O, turn, repent, and truft in him ; 
And you fhall never die. 

8 Great God, in whom we live, 
Prepare us for that day : 

Help us in Jefus to believe, 
To watch, and wait, and pray. 

■4 — 4 

i&Ottl&tttL Hymn 62, Supplement. 19 

J : J I + h p-f-giii 1 1 r f I f r ffB Bgggg 

Je--fus, Lord of life and peace, To thte we lift our voice : Teach us at tty ho---li ntfs, To tre - - -m- 


-ts — I **> — A — f- 





ble and re ---joice. Sweet and ter ri---ble's thy word : Tbou and thy word are both the fame. Ho— ly, ho — ry, 



'> rim 


hu---ly Lord, We love thy ho---Iy , name. Ho— ly, ho—ly, ho ly Lord, We love thy ho---ly name. 



2 Burning fcraphs round thy throne, 
Beyond all brightnefs bright, 
Bow their bafhfiil heads, and own 

Their own diminiuYd light. 
Worthy thou to be ador'd, 
J.ord God almighty, great I AM ! 
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 

We love thy holy name- 

3 Saints, in whom thy fpirit dwells, 
Pour out their fouls to thee : 
Each his tale in fecret tells ; 

And fighs to be fet free. 
Chrift admir'd, themfelves abhorr'd, 
They cry, with awe, delight, and fliame, 
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 
We love thy holy name. 

4 Men 

4 Men whofe hearts admit not fear 
At thy perfections aw'd, 
Ufe thy name, but not revere 

The holy Child of God ; 
Thefe thy kingdom own in word ; 
Save us from loyalty fo lame. 
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 
We love thy holy name. 

Hymn Continued. 21 

5 Juft and righteous is our King, 
Glorious in holinefs : 
Though we tremble while we fing, 

We would not wifh it Iefs. 
Souls by whom the truth's explor'd 
Wonders of mercy belt proclaim. 
Holy, holy, holy Lord, 
We love thy holy name. 

2 2 

He&empttOlt* Hymn 66, Supplement. 

Come raife your thank-ful voice, Ye fouls re-deem'd with blood, Leave earth and all its joys, And mix no 

more with mud. Dear-ly we're bought, highly efteem'd,Redeem'd, redeem'd, redeem'd,with Je-fu's blood redeem'd. 

^ ^ ^ ^ -t— - ^ ^ "chriftians 

Hymn Continued. 

2 Chriftians are priefts and kings, 
All born of heav'nly birth : 
Then think on nobler things, 
And grovel not in earth. 
Dearly we're bought, highly efteem'd r 
Redeem'd, with Jefu's blood redeem'd. 

2 With heart and foul and mind 

Exalt redeeming love. 
Leave worldly cares behind ; 

And fet your minds above. 
Dearly we're bought, highly efteem'd, 
Redeem'd, with Jefu's blood redeem'd, 

4 Lift up your ravim'd eyes, 

And view »he glory giv'n : 
All lower things defpife, 

Ye citizens of heav'n. 
Dearly we're bought, highly efteem'd, 
Redeem'd, with Jefu's blood redeem'd. 

5 Be to this world as dead, 

Alive to that to come. 
Our life in Chrift is hid ; 

Who foon mall call us home. 
Dearly we're bought, highly efteem'd,. 
Redeem'd, with Jefu's blood redeem'd. 


fttbnefyam. Hymn 99. 

-gr* =-=■ s> — 5 

TheCod I truft, Is true and jufl; His mer--cy hath no end. Him-felf hath faid,My ranfom's paid, And I on him de-pend 


2 Then why fo fad, 
My foul ? Though bad, 

Thou haft a friend that's good, 
He bought thee dear : 
(Abandon fear) 

He bought thee with his blood. 

3 So rich a coft 

Can ne'er be loft, 
Though faith be try'd by fire. 

Keep Chrift in view : 

Let God be true, 
And ev'ry man a liar. 

aatatetfort). Hymn 77, Supplement. 

2 5 



Ho-ly Ghoft\ infpire our praffes,Touch our hearts & tune our tongues; While we laud the name of Jefus, Heav'n will gladly fhare our fongs. 


Hofts of angels bright and glorious, While we hymn our cemmon King, Will be proud to join the chorus : And the Lord himfelf (hall fing. 

2 Raife 

Raife we then our cheerful voices. 

To our God ; who, full of grace, 
In our happinefs rejoices, 

And delights to he3r us praife. 
Whofo lives upon his promife, 

Eats his flefri and drinks his blood- 
All that's paft, and all to come, is 

For that foul's eternal good. 

Happy foul ! that hears and follows 

Jefus fpeaking in his word. 
Paul, and Cephas, and Apollos, 

All are his in Chrift the Lord. 
Ev'ry ftate, howe'er diftrefiing, 

Shall be profit in the end ; 
Ev'ry ordinance a blefling ; 

Ev'ry providence a friend 


4 Chriftian, doft thou want a teacher, 

Helper, counfellor, or guide ? 
Would'ft thou find a proper preacher ? 

Afk thy God ; and he'll provide. 
Build on no man's parts or merit ; 

But behold the Gofpel plan } 
Jefus fends his Holy Spirit ; 

And the Spirit fends the man. 

5 Blefs, dear Lord, each lab'ring fervant j 

Blefs the work they undertake : 
Make them able, faithful, fervent : 

Blefs them for thy churches' fake. 
All things for our good are given, 

Comforts, crofles, ftaffs, or rods : 
All is ours in earth and heaven : 

We are Chrift's, and Chrift is God's, 

mtttnfiOtl* Hymn 36, Supplement. 27 

Je-fus our tri-umphant head, Ris'n vie— to-rious from the dead, To the realms of glo— ry's gone, To 

af— cend his rightful throne. Cher-ubs on the conqu'ror gaze : Ser-aphs glow with brighter blaze : 


» — — I — i- 






Each bright order of the fky Hail him as he paff-es by. 

— s 



flail him 
t— ] — <* 

as he paff— es by. 




wrf fib 


T " ^ 

Hail him 

, hail hi 


— X. »«.X_3l y 

m, hail him as h 

e paff-e< 


i by. 


E-S-^— s--^-^--— d-i 1 .,,jv 

Saints the glo-rious triumph meet, See their en'mies at 

1L.I.L. — — L.4-— 

ten 5t£ffB 3 IP 



— •■-»— T-- I— I™" —I 

All the bliff-ful, 

All, &c. 

I f If I'l W f 

bliff— ful rc— gions ri 

All the bliff-ful re-gions ri ------- ng. 

All, &c. 

Sin--ners join the heav'n-ly pow'rs ; For re— demption all is ours. None but bur-den'd fin-ners prove 

.! — ( — j,\C — 




Blood bought pardon, dy— ing love. Hail, thou dear, thou wor— thy Lord; Ho--ly Lamb, in --carnate Word! 


Hail ! thou AifF'ring Son of God ! Take the troph-ies of thy blood. 



I N D 

Wamcs of Tunis . 



i£i Snnnlemcnt" 


T It 

44* ouppiciiiCiii* 

j *■ > *J « r 1 ' - * * 

1 .rtlifprninp 



cfi Part TT 






62, Supplement. 



66, Supplement. 




The Saint's Inheritance, 



The Fear of the Lord, 


23, Supplement. 



77, Supplement, 


Chri/l's Afcenfion. s 

Chri/l's Refurreclion, 

The Day of Judgment. 

Faith and Repentance. 

Saving Faith. 

Chri/l is holy. 

Set your Affections on Things above. 

Let God be true, but every Man a Lia> , 

The Saint's Inheritance. 

The Fear of the Lord. 

Jiymn^ at recommending a M'mijler.